The Elevator Out

We’re excited to bring our readers a special project: a collaboration between writer Lancelot Schaubert and artist Allen Forrest, The Elevator Out.

Also, here is some extra behind-the-scenes insight from the author, Lancelot Schaubert:

“I wanted to write an argument against nihilism that was simple enough for a child to understand, one based on the raw existence of bodies floating out in space, so I dreamed up a children’s story in which a kid rides an elevator outside of existence and throws a spare walnut into Nothing.

The bloom of the walnut helps us set aside the question: why is there pain?, long enough to let an older, deeper question arise: Why is there something and not nothing?”

Artist Allen Forrest’s illustrations are gorgeous…see more here.

We’re so pleased to be launching The Elevator Out! Check it out – you’ll be glad you did!